Completed Project: ALL, Inc.’s New Living Kitchen

Scott Rajavuori and the team at Titus Contracting has some information to share about the project that was just completed for ALL, Inc. Titus Contracting just finished building the largest Sub-Zero and Wolf living kitchen display in the entire state of Minnesota!

You might be asking yourself, “What’s a living kitchen?” It’s an interactive display where customers can come in and use Sub-Zero and Wolf products before they buy them. It is highly interactive and a great way for people to get hands-on experience with these products to figure out if they’d like to purchase them.

We first built a new refrigerator room so the new space for the future living kitchen could be cleared out and opened for construction. New walls were built. We also remodeled the bathroom so it would be ADA compliant, plus we added highly efficient LED track lighting so the appliances will be properly lit up so they will look their best while on display.

The ceilings were then painted with a black dryfall paint. The end result is a “cool” warehouse feeling and vibe. We completed the future living kitchen space by building new walls, installing all-new electrical service for the space, and we also installed a new HVAC unit on the roof top. Not only that, we put in specialty lighting throughout the space, plus tile floors, cabinets, countertops, millwork and painting.

One of the best parts is that we were ahead of schedule throughout the entire project! The team at Titus Contracting is really happy with the end result of this effort because everyone worked really hard to turn this vision into a reality.

So the final result? An 1,800 square foot refrigerator room and a 2,000 square foot living kitchen area connected to the main area of ALL, Inc.’s showroom.

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