Lower Level Remodeling Idea: Playroom for Your Kids

When people come to Titus Contracting to talk to us about lower level remodeling in St Paul, one of the most popular ideas we hear about is turning a basement or part of a basement into a playroom for the kids. Here are a few reasons this is a great idea and something that families of all sizes should consider when tackling a new lower level remodeling project.


You never have to worry about a messy playroom if you have one put in your home’s lower level. Hiding the mess is as easy as shutting a door or simply entertaining your guests on your upper level. The kids will never have to scramble to clean up their playroom, and you will not have to worry that your guests will see a messy room. A lower level remodeling project that includes having a playroom put in can help ease some of the stress you feel when guests are coming and your house isn’t as presentable as you want it to be.


A playroom in your basement makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your kids and their friends when they are playing. You can relax in one part of your basement while keeping a watchful eye on the kids and what they are doing. When you call us for our lower level remodeling services, we can talk to you in more detail about the type of playroom you’d like us to put in, and we can make sure we add some comfortable seating for adults too.


You and your kids will enjoy having a set area to entertain your kids’ guests. You will not have to worry about your kids and their friends tearing up the bedroom or living room anymore! A playroom in the lower level means the kids can play down there, safely, and you can rest easy knowing that any mess they are making will be in the playroom only. No need to clean up several different rooms after your kids’ friends leave. The mess will be in just one room: the playroom.

As you can see, there are several good reasons that a playroom might be a great addition to your next lower level remodeling project.

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