Scott Rajavuori and Titus Contracting Finish Kitchen Addition and Remodel in Plymouth

Titus Contracting and Scott Rajavuori recently completed a home addition and kitchen remodel in Plymouth, MN. The clients for this project were referred to Scott in February 2017 through a friend who had worked with Titus Contracting in the past. The Plymouth couple were considering a kitchen addition and remodel, with a desire to have the project designed and built starting in the late spring or early summer. Scott met with the couple for a few initial design meetings where their needs, wants and wishes were worked through and the remodel budget was discussed. Titus Contracting was then awarded the design/build contract.

Scott completed the preliminary scope of work, then the Titus team began the design work that would turn the Plymouth customers’ dreams into reality. The design work of a project typically includes creating conceptual plans and layouts of the space, working out options for materials and finishes, and ensuring that everything encompasses the vision and budget of the clients. The kitchen and addition design were both completed by the end of April. Site meetings took place and a residential remodel construction agreement was signed.

In late June 2017, Titus Contracting broke ground on the addition. Prior to starting any project, all of our clients are provided with a detailed construction schedule they can follow as part of our desire for clear communication. An important goal for Titus Contracting is clear communication with our clients and excellent schedule management. This particular project was completed on schedule!

Kitchen Remodel Plymouth MN

This kitchen addition and remodel included complete demolition of the existing kitchen location. Then the following new components were added: foundation, framing, roof, siding, windows, insulation, drywall, custom cabinets, hardwood floor, Cambria tops, appliances, painting/finish and millwork. In addition, the homeowners asked us to enhance the front façade of their home by adding a new stoop and front covered entry.

We are grateful to these clients for choosing Titus Contracting when considering a huge project like adding onto their home. Most homeowners consider the kitchen the “heart beat” of the home, so remodeling this area is always a great asset. These Plymouth homeowners now have a beautiful space to enjoy with family and friends.

If you would like more information on home additions or kitchen remodeling, give Scott Rajavuori a call at (952) 444-2301 or Contact Scott Here.

Allow Us to Take Your Home to the Next Level: Lower Level Finishing

The game room. The man cave. The den. The basement can become anything you dream it up to be. Especially after it’s been finished, remodeled and transformed by the experts here at Titus Contracting. Need a new space to entertain guests, watch the game or work on your favorite new hobby? Lower level finishing for your St Paul home is the solution for you!


We have completed basement remodels in St Paul, Minneapolis, Plymouth, New Brighton, Minnetonka and many other Twin City communities. The three things they all have in common: great design, an awesome finished product and all on budget.

So, if your basement is being used only as a storage area, why not turn it into “the place” to be? From an awesome home theater, to a game room, to an extra bedroom, playroom or office, there are many ways the lower level of your home can be transformed from wasted to wonderful. Lower level finishing and remodeling are some of the best home renovation projects for homeowners looking to get the most out of their home.

Titus Contracting specializes in lower level finishing, and we would love to help transform your space. Here is a few of my favorite benefits to investing in a basement renovation:

Increased Versatility

Lower level finishing is the opposite of one-size-fits all. You could have the entire space made into a home bar and entertainment room; or, section off a home office, create a bedroom for the in-laws or incorporate a playroom for the kids. Really, whatever you can imagine me and my team can design!

A Greater Return on Your Investment

Everyone knows a finished basement is a major plus when searching for a new home. Lower level finishing can add major appeal to your home when it’s time to sell. And, since the basement is already a part of your home, there are no costs associated like with building an addition. The foundation, load-bearing walls, floors and ceiling are all already in place, so that eliminates the need and costs associated with building a new part of your home. You get additional space for you and your family to use at a fraction of the cost.

And, finishing your basement also means it will be more energy efficient and help save on utility bills. We can fix any air leaks or insulation problems as well as put in new, more energy-efficient windows.

Optimize Your Space

You might use your basement for storage right now, but think of all of that wasted space you and your family could be using! There are so many different and new purposes for your basement when you entrust me and my experts to tackle a lower level finishing project.

And, these are just a few of the many reasons to choose lower level finishing for your St Paul home! Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or you can Schedule a Consultation to learn more.

How to Plan for Your Home Remodeling Project

It is finally Spring again, and that means many of you are thinking about hiring home remodelers for your latest house renovations project. As the Design Manager for a company of home remodelers in Minneapolis, Titus Contracting, I have some advice on how to prepare for a renovation project.

Begin with a Budget

Do you have a budget in mind for your home remodelers? A company like Titus Contracting can work with you to stay within your budget during the home renovations process. Your budget will obviously depend on the scope of the project and what you want done to your home. But home remodelers like us can help you get the best bang out of your home remodeling budget.

Then Start Planning

When you call your home remodelers, we will meet with you to discuss what you want out of your renovations. We will come to your home and meet with you to go over what you want and need. But it is helpful if you already have some plans and ideas in mind. Even if you are not an artist, you should still sketch a few ideas for us so we can get an idea of what you are looking for. We will incorporate as many of those ideas as possible into the final design for your home.

One big thing to consider when you are planning your renovations: how long do you intend to stay in your home? If the answer to that is just a few years, then you might want to go with a home remodeling project like renovating your kitchen and upgrading your appliances, countertops, cabinets and other aspects. But if you are thinking you want to stay in your home for a long time, then your renovations can be more customized to your wants and needs.

Figure Out a Timeline

As home remodelers, we understand that you are not only working within a budget, but you also probably have a timeline in mind of when you want the renovations to start and when you are expecting them to end. Titus Contracting works very hard to stay within the scheduled time frame, although sometimes things come up that are unavoidable. But home remodelers like us know how to work efficiently without sacrificing attention to details so we get the work done in the correct time frame.

Are you interested in learning more about home remodelers in Minneapolis? Then call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us to Schedule a Consultation.

Lower Level Remodeling Idea: Playroom for Your Kids

When people come to Titus Contracting to talk to us about lower level remodeling in St Paul, one of the most popular ideas we hear about is turning a basement or part of a basement into a playroom for the kids. Here are a few reasons this is a great idea and something that families of all sizes should consider when tackling a new lower level remodeling project.


You never have to worry about a messy playroom if you have one put in your home’s lower level. Hiding the mess is as easy as shutting a door or simply entertaining your guests on your upper level. The kids will never have to scramble to clean up their playroom, and you will not have to worry that your guests will see a messy room. A lower level remodeling project that includes having a playroom put in can help ease some of the stress you feel when guests are coming and your house isn’t as presentable as you want it to be.


A playroom in your basement makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your kids and their friends when they are playing. You can relax in one part of your basement while keeping a watchful eye on the kids and what they are doing. When you call us for our lower level remodeling services, we can talk to you in more detail about the type of playroom you’d like us to put in, and we can make sure we add some comfortable seating for adults too.


You and your kids will enjoy having a set area to entertain your kids’ guests. You will not have to worry about your kids and their friends tearing up the bedroom or living room anymore! A playroom in the lower level means the kids can play down there, safely, and you can rest easy knowing that any mess they are making will be in the playroom only. No need to clean up several different rooms after your kids’ friends leave. The mess will be in just one room: the playroom.

As you can see, there are several good reasons that a playroom might be a great addition to your next lower level remodeling project.

Are you interested in learning more about lower level remodeling in St Paul? Call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us to Schedule a Consultation.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2015

It is the end of the year, so you might be thinking ahead to some New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is home renovations. And one of the most popular rooms to renovate is the kitchen. Titus Contracting can help with your kitchen renovation in your Eagan home, and we have a few ideas you might want to consider when you’re thinking about your kitchen remodeling plan.

Open Shelves

When designing your kitchen renovation and thinking about your new cabinets, you should consider putting in some open shelves. This is a great way to display decorations and knick-knacks, and it can be more visually appealing than just a line of cabinets. Open shelves can make a small kitchen feel larger.

Energy Efficient Appliances

A kitchen renovation is a great time to get new appliances. You can get ones that are energy efficient, which could save you some money on your utility bills in the long run. Nowadays, appliances come in all colors and styles, so you will have a variety to choose from.

New Hardware

You should also pay attention to the smaller details of your new kitchen. Take the time to shop around for some nice knobs and pulls for your kitchen drawers. This is a great way to add some personality to your new kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

This is another great way to add some personality to your kitchen. The kitchen renovation process is a great time to update your lighting. Instead of harsh overhead fluorescent lights, look into a mini-chandelier or mini-pendant lights. You still get all of the benefits of overhead lighting but with a little more pizzazz.

Kitchen Sink

Think about what kind of kitchen sink you want. Do you like the look of a deep farm-style sink? Do you prefer a double sink? A kitchen renovation is a great time to get an updated sink. Try to find one that is as functional as it is pretty.


Your new kitchen’s flooring is as important as the cabinetry, countertops and appliances. Make sure you don’t neglect it, and give some thought into what type of flooring you’d like and what type will complement the rest of your kitchen.

Do you want to learn more about how to hire Titus Contracting for your kitchen renovation in Eagan? Then give us a call at 952-746-7817, or you can contact us and Schedule a Consultation.

Home Remodeling Contractors and You: Effective Communication

As the design manager for Titus Contracting, Scott Rajavuori has worked with a wide variety of clients through the years. Thanks to this experience, he has some great advice to share about how to effectively communicate with your home remodeling contractors in St Paul.

Ask Questions

Your home remodeling contractors should be ready and willing to answer any questions you have. You should never be in the dark about what the contractors are doing or what phase of the remodeling process your home is in. If you don’t understand any portion of the contract or the work they are doing, ask! Being well-informed is also helpful to the contractors because then there are no surprises for anyone after the job is completed.

Be Clear about Your Budget

This ties into the first section – be sure to ask questions and be clear about your budget. Discuss your home remodeling contractor’s rates and make sure you understand the charges. Planning ahead and thinking about how much you can spend will help with every step of the home remodeling process.

Use Pictures, Not Words

If you have a design idea in mind, find some pictures either online or in a magazine that show what you want. Sometimes showing, rather than telling, is a more effective way to communicate with your home remodeling contractors. The contractors can get a much better idea of what you want and how you are visualizing the end result.

Have Regular Discussions

Make sure you’re meet with your home remodeling contractors on a regular basis to discuss your project. This is a great way to get updated on its progress and to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the design, budget and timeline. (This is also a great time to ask questions!)

For more information on home remodeling contractors in St Paul, call Titus Contracting at 952-746-7817 or Contact Us.

Scott Rajavuori’s Take: How Home Renovations Increase Homeowner’s Satisfaction

Are you looking for ways to improve your home? Doing numerous small home remodeling project may seem like the way to go, but sometimes a few large remodeling projects may be best. Large home renovations can help homeowners increase their satisfaction with their house in a timely fashion. For those living in Minneapolis, home renovations can be the solution to a long to-do list. Taking on serious home remodeling projects can help you enjoy your home more, as well as make it a place that future tenants will want to live.

A Home You Love

Fall in love with your house all over again with home renovations. If there are things in your home that just don’t work for you, home remodeling can be an easy way to enhance your house. Don’t be shy when you design a remodeling project. You are only limited by your creativity. Make your home into someplace you love to spend time.

Expert Input

Who better to make home renovations than you, the current homeowner? You’re there day in and day out. You know what works and what doesn’t. You know what could make the rooms more functional and practical. That input is invaluable to future homeowners. Make home remodeling decisions now, so you can enjoy the time while you live there, as well as make it more desirable to the future homeowners.

Reselling Your Home

Home renovations have the potential to increase your resell value. By putting a little time and money into home remodeling projects, you may end up getting more in the end. Keep up with remodeling projects as you need to, instead of waiting until you’re ready to sell your home. This can help you financially and you’ll have some time to enjoy the updates.

Are you ready to take on home renovations in Minneapolis? Contact Titus Contracting today by calling 952-746-7817 or Contact us Here.