Attract Tenants with the Latest Remodeling Trends

Looking to attract new renters? The latest in design and amenities can help squash competition and make your building the most desirable on the block. At Titus Contracting we specialize in multi housing remodeling in Woodbury and the surrounding areas and constantly stay up to date on the latest trends to help our customers get the very best return on their investment. I’ve put together a rundown of the top trends in multi housing remodeling to watch in 2018 to help you choose what’s right for you and your multi housing property.multi housing remodeling

Luxury living. Renters want to feel they are living in luxury without the high price tag. Through multi housing remodeling you can achieve the luxurious appearance coveted by today’s renters and bring more tenants in; filling your units. Make smart decisions with your materials and finishes, choosing ones with high aesthetic impact for a more elegant and attractive look to your units. According to Building Design & Construction Magazine “Many renters may aspire to live in or close to downtown, but that lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. A significant percentage of prospective renters are in a financially fragile state, and their housing options are narrowing as more and more developers and investors slavishly pursue deep-pocket customers.” This means, multi housing remodeling that evokes the appearance of luxury will be a major player in the years to come.

High-service, high-amenity living. With today’s health-consciousness, having an on-site fitness center is an attractive amenity to a lot of prospective renters. Titus Contracting has constructed plenty of fitness centers throughout the years, so we can help add one to your building, along with any other amenities you need to enhance the appeal of your property.
Some other amenities to consider for your multi housing remodeling project include:

  • Bike storage
  • Spa
  • Wine cellar
  • Cafe
  • Wellness center

Millennials will trade space for location and want to live near like-minded people. They also want a low-maintenance, urban experience, enhanced by amenities and technology, that create a communal live-work-play lifestyle. Some renovations that could accommodate this live-work-play lifestyle include on-site gyms, common areas, easy, efficient laundry, cafes and more.

These are just a few of the multi housing remodeling opportunities the experts at Titus Construction can help you with! Contact us today and we can meet with you to discuss the multi housing remodeling projects that will work best for your unique building.

Do you need help deciding what’s right for your property? The multi housing remodeling experts here at Titus Contracting can help! We know just what tenants are looking for in your area and work with you to design updates with the ultimate impact.

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How to Plan for Your Home Remodeling Project

It is finally Spring again, and that means many of you are thinking about hiring home remodelers for your latest house renovations project. As the Design Manager for a company of home remodelers in Minneapolis, Titus Contracting, I have some advice on how to prepare for a renovation project.

Begin with a Budget

Do you have a budget in mind for your home remodelers? A company like Titus Contracting can work with you to stay within your budget during the home renovations process. Your budget will obviously depend on the scope of the project and what you want done to your home. But home remodelers like us can help you get the best bang out of your home remodeling budget.

Then Start Planning

When you call your home remodelers, we will meet with you to discuss what you want out of your renovations. We will come to your home and meet with you to go over what you want and need. But it is helpful if you already have some plans and ideas in mind. Even if you are not an artist, you should still sketch a few ideas for us so we can get an idea of what you are looking for. We will incorporate as many of those ideas as possible into the final design for your home.

One big thing to consider when you are planning your renovations: how long do you intend to stay in your home? If the answer to that is just a few years, then you might want to go with a home remodeling project like renovating your kitchen and upgrading your appliances, countertops, cabinets and other aspects. But if you are thinking you want to stay in your home for a long time, then your renovations can be more customized to your wants and needs.

Figure Out a Timeline

As home remodelers, we understand that you are not only working within a budget, but you also probably have a timeline in mind of when you want the renovations to start and when you are expecting them to end. Titus Contracting works very hard to stay within the scheduled time frame, although sometimes things come up that are unavoidable. But home remodelers like us know how to work efficiently without sacrificing attention to details so we get the work done in the correct time frame.

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When Nailing, Always Play it Safe in St Paul

Have you been designated as the St Paul household handyman? Then it’s probably not uncommon that you find yourself up on ladders, down in basements and out in the garage in your St Paul house, nailing things. Without the right kind of background, minor home improvement projects can turn into a whole day – or weekend – affair! As you work through your “Honey Do List,” you may run into some questions.

As Titus Contracting’s Design Manager, I just recently tackled some questions on Quora related to nailing. We want to provide you, my faithful St Paul followers, with the same information. Hopefully, you find it useful and maybe save yourself some time at your St Paul home.

Nailing Items onto the Roof

A Quora member asked, “Is it safe to nail something to a roof?” The person posing the question goes on to explain that they have just a few lightweight things they want to fix on their roof by nailing. They are wondering if nails are okay or if an expert has any other ideas.

Scott’s answer to nailing items to the roof warns the Quora member that there are a lot of things to consider in this situation, whether you’re in St Paul or anywhere else in the country. The homeowner’s main priority is to attach the objects in such a way that they will not create a leak. Leaking water can cause a whole host of problems in your St Paul home. I suggested a galvanized fastener with silicone placed under the item and on top of the fastener.

Nailing Near an Electrical Outlet

On Quora, a member posted the question: “Can I put a nail into a wall above an electrical outlet?” This Quora community member wanted to hide an old outlet with a picture but had concerns about hitting a live electrical wire when nailing.

Scott ‘s response about nailing near an outlet was that it might be okay, but you never really know. I encouraged the Quora member to try a modern picture hanger that adheres to the wall, instead of using a nail. As per current code in St Paul and the United States, it should be okay to use a nail, but it’s better to play it safe when live electrical current is involved.

For more great questions and answers, visit Scott’s list of Quora activity. And, as always, if you are looking for a team of St Paul commercial or residential remodeling experts, contact Titus Contracting today by calling 952-746-7817 or contact us online.