When Nailing, Always Play it Safe in St Paul

Have you been designated as the St Paul household handyman? Then it’s probably not uncommon that you find yourself up on ladders, down in basements and out in the garage in your St Paul house, nailing things. Without the right kind of background, minor home improvement projects can turn into a whole day – or weekend – affair! As you work through your “Honey Do List,” you may run into some questions.

As Titus Contracting’s Design Manager, I just recently tackled some questions on Quora related to nailing. We want to provide you, my faithful St Paul followers, with the same information. Hopefully, you find it useful and maybe save yourself some time at your St Paul home.

Nailing Items onto the Roof

A Quora member asked, “Is it safe to nail something to a roof?” The person posing the question goes on to explain that they have just a few lightweight things they want to fix on their roof by nailing. They are wondering if nails are okay or if an expert has any other ideas.

Scott’s answer to nailing items to the roof warns the Quora member that there are a lot of things to consider in this situation, whether you’re in St Paul or anywhere else in the country. The homeowner’s main priority is to attach the objects in such a way that they will not create a leak. Leaking water can cause a whole host of problems in your St Paul home. I suggested a galvanized fastener with silicone placed under the item and on top of the fastener.

Nailing Near an Electrical Outlet

On Quora, a member posted the question: “Can I put a nail into a wall above an electrical outlet?” This Quora community member wanted to hide an old outlet with a picture but had concerns about hitting a live electrical wire when nailing.

Scott ‘s response about nailing near an outlet was that it might be okay, but you never really know. I encouraged the Quora member to try a modern picture hanger that adheres to the wall, instead of using a nail. As per current code in St Paul and the United States, it should be okay to use a nail, but it’s better to play it safe when live electrical current is involved.

For more great questions and answers, visit Scott’s list of Quora activity. And, as always, if you are looking for a team of St Paul commercial or residential remodeling experts, contact Titus Contracting today by calling 952-746-7817 or contact us online.

Titus Contracting Hires New Construction Manager

It’s been an exciting few months at Titus Contracting. We recently hired a new construction manager to join our Twin Cities remodeling company. In the press release about Martin Wood’s hire, I had this to say:

“We are sure Martin will be a great addition to our already successful team. His vast experience in construction and friendly demeanor truly match with the company’s qualities, values and principles.”

I’m excited to have Martin as part of the Titus Contracting family, and am positive he will do an amazing job. I look forward to seeing his ideas, insight and construction experience generate new and positive gains for the company and our clients.

Read more about Martin on the Titus Contracting blog.

Recent Minneapolis projects by Scott Rajavuori and Titus Contracting

Scott and the Titus Contracting team have been busy as of late with a bunch of projects, including many around Minneapolis. Here are a few highlights from recent work by Team Titus:


Cedar Screen Porch Construction

This was a job done for a residential client. The client will be able to enjoy the fresh air away from the bugs.


Tropical Smoothie Build-Out

The Tropical Smoothie Café in Eagan opened its doors on Oct. 5. We did the build-out work and finished it in time for the grand opening.


Apartment Remodeling

The apartment remodeling job was for a Minnetonka client, and began earlier this year. We were able to wrap it up in September.


To see all the projects we’ve done, check out the Titus Contracting blog.

Scott Rajavuori Speaks About Lead Certification

Lead is a dangerous substance, especially to young children and babies. It was formerly used in paint, but since it has been found to be fatal, it is now illegal to paint your home with lead paint due to the dangers associated with it. However, because regulations weren’t adopted until the 1970s, many older homes may have lead paint.

Scott Rajavuori and his company, Titus Contracting LLC, are certified through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead-Safe Certification Program to remove lead paint. Removing this type of paint can increase risks of lead poisoning if not done right.

“It’s a great certification to have,” Scott said. “Being Lead-Safe Certified enables Titus Contracting to help businesses figure out if they have a problem with lead, which can be a serious health hazard.”

You can read the entire press release by clicking here.